How does outsourcing help a company improve their bottom line?


Outsourcing allows a business to concentrate on its core business services, without spending valuable time and money on tedious and time-consuming human resource, payroll and staffing issues.



How does HR Outsource & Staffing’s “Integrated HR Solutions” benefit their clients?


We work closely with our clients to tailor an individualized HR program that may include all aspects of personnel placement, human resources, payroll and payroll tax administration, workers comp., and regulatory compliance for all placed employees. This allows our clients the freedom to concentrate on what they do best.



Does HR Outsource & Staffing handle all aspects of payroll processing?


Yes, we handle all payroll processing functions, from processing time and issuing payroll funds, to complete payroll tax administration, which includes State and Federal filings and tax remittance for employees placed with a client company.



How does HR Outsource & Staffing work with its clients to provide them with temporary personnel when they are in need of additional help?


First, we work with our clients to determine their exact personnel needs. Second, we advertise and recruit personnel based on criteria set forth by the client. And third, we use a three-step interview process to find the most qualified candidate for placement with the client.