When you Outsource, HR Outsource & Staffing handles the following personnel related items so you don't have to:

  • Employee setup and maintenance
  • Payroll processing, including certified payment of wages, Federal and State payroll tax reporting and remittance
  • Issue paychecks, direct deposit, pay cards
  • Provide workers' compensation coverage and claims administration for placed employees
  • Manage child support, wage levies and other involuntary deductions
  • Form W-2 government filings and distribution to employees
  • Manage unemployment claims
  • Group health insurance coverage

HR Outsource & Staffing can meet all your human resource needs. Whether it's workers' compensation insurance coverage for placed employees, payroll and tax administration, or group health insurance, we have a Solution for you and the employees placed with your company.


Our Integrated Outsourcing Solutions afford business owners the opportunity to outsource employee-related Human Resource functions. Outsourcing employees allows a company or organization the ability to reduce or eliminate tasks that are time-consuming and tedious thereby creating time to concentrate on expanding their business and performing the services which make them successful. Every placed employee is provided workers compensation coverage and we perform all payroll and tax administrative functions, as well as handle all workers' compensation and unemployment-related claims.


And There Is  "No Hidden Cost—Ever"