HR Outsource & Staffing will handle all your payroll functions:

  • Payroll checks, direct deposit, Pay cards, journals, and details
  • Federal and state deposits (FICA, FUTA and withholding)
  • Quarterly reports (941 and SUTA)
  • Government payroll audits
  • Federal payroll summaries
  • Year end W-2s
  • W-3 transmittal
  • 940 reports
  • 1099 forms
  • Consultative problem support
  • Computation and management of paid leave program
  • Wage & hour law compliance support
  • Comprehensive payroll deductions (garnishments, insurance premiums, dependent-care deductions)
  • Earned-income credit
  • Payroll delivery

You might ask yourself how payroll outsourcing can benefit your company. As the scope of payroll administration expands, it has become increasingly more difficult for companies to keep up with these changes. More and more time is spent on payroll and away from the core activities of the business. By utilizing payroll outsourcing services, employers can focus on what they do best—operating and expanding their business.


We help to ensure the accuracy of the payroll process. As tax laws, health-insurance requirements, and retirement plans change, the scope of payroll processing can become overwhelming for a company to deal with in-house. Payroll outsourcing eliminates the worry of reliability and security issues that may arise from running an in-house payroll department. Payroll outsourcing reduces the possible risk of exposure and provides a fast and easy way of managing payroll.